Report: Warriors have interest in Victor Oladipo trade

Golden State has an elite perimeter shot creator in Stephen Curry, and the offense sputters without Draymond Green as a secondary creator, but that’s where it ends. With no Klay Thompson — or Kevin Durant, or Shaun Livingston, or Andre Iguodala, or even D’Angelo Russell — the Warriors need another shot creator on the perimeter heading into the end of the season and the playoffs.

How about Victor Oladipo?

The Warriors have interest in an Oladipo trade, reports Kevin O’Conner at The Ringer. Actually putting a deal together, however, seems a longshot.

League sources say the Warriors have interest in acquiring Rockets guard Victor Oladipo…

Houston can’t demand too much in a deal given Oladipo has underwhelmed and will become an unrestricted free agent. Plus, Golden State wouldn’t have a whole lot to offer. Because of picks owed elsewhere, the Warriors are able to deal up to just two first-round picks: one from 2021 (via Minnesota) or 2022, and one from 2026 or 2027.

Houston is going to ask for that Minnesota pick — top-three protected in this draft, unprotected next year — or a young player with potential like James Wiseman. The Warriors will shoot those ideas down, at least when it comes to an Oladipo trade, reports Connor Letourneau at the San Francisco Chronicle.

However, just because Golden State likes a multi-time All-Star who fits a win-now mindset doesn’t mean it is willing to mortgage its future to maybe win a postseason series…

But according to a team source, the Warriors “almost definitely” wouldn’t surrender that Timberwolves selection or Wiseman unless they got back someone generational such as Joel Embiid or Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Oladipo is not that level of player. He has not found his All-NBA form following his torn quadriceps tendon, and he recently missed a handful of games with a foot injury (the latest in a string of injuries). Oladipo is averaging 20 points a game but shooting just under 40% overall and 33.1% from three. On top of that, the Warriors would have to match $21 million in salary — and all that for a rental. Oladipo is a free agent after this season, and the buzz around the league has been he wants to head to Miami.

Never say never, but it’s tough to see this deal coming together. This sounds more like something someone would leak if they were trying to drive up the price on Oladipo for another team — possibly the Knicks.